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Chat with LovePeaceCosmic - Clairvoyance and Dream Interpretation in Monsanto online. 5-10 years of practice in Dream Interpretation. I specialize in Twin Flames & Soul Mates, Helping to guide them to their right path & I am here to help you to find your Twin Flame, to help you understand the 7 stages you will have to go through and how to deal these particular stages situations..I will help you to release the energy blocks between you. These blocks bring hard situations even though blockages are'nt good for any one. I know this all and understand it better because I am coming from the same path and I have been there. With finding my Twin Flame I found myself, in finding GOD, I found my way home....We are One Secondly I specialize in REMOTE DISTANT ENERGY HEALING,The healing energy that will be applied for your highest good energy work to support you in removing and transforming blockages, to live your unlimited prosperity... It take approx 12-15 minutes for Healing and Chakras Blockage removal because it needs lot of Work to do,thanks... plus you can read the reviews underneath of those following clients who have already received this service :) Review : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Had done Miracles to my mother who is sick now standing and functions well. I'll see about the protection shield he has done for me! Very good....Thanks a lot! Sweetyhunn12, Guam USA ************** I have been meditating Since i was 7, doing psychic clairvoyant reading and psychic energy healing for over 15 years. For me, meditation, reading and healing is not an end in itself but a means to an end. It allows me to live and enjoy my life more fully, to learn countless things about myself and about how people grow and evolve, and also to help others in a meaningful way. I know I have been meditating, healing, and reading myself and others for many lifetimes. When I was a child I did not know this consciously, though I did read a lot of mystical fiction books set in the past with healers and seers as the main characters. I am a psychic reader, more specifically a clairvoyant reader, reading the present past and the future. The benefit to you with my approach is that it can be very empowering, and help you to make desired changes in your life, if you are willing to reflect upon your choices and actions, and alter your own thoughts and behaviors. I do not believe that the timing and the content of what will happen to you is so set in stone. Your spirit is creating your future right here and now. I can help you to tune and balance the energy of your body, mind, and spirit so that you can better understand, manifest, and experience what you and your spirit want. I can help you to release energy blocks that you have today that you accumulated during experiences in your past. These energy blocks from your past affect your present quality of life, how you experience your life and interact with the world and others in it. If you are not ever open to discussing your past as part of the reading if it is necessary, and seeing how it relates to a given situation in your present life, please do not schedule an appointment with me, as you will not be satisfied with my services. The word psychic can mean very different things to different people, so I want to be very clear on what I do and do not do. I do believe everyone has psychic abilities, because it is a part of one's spirit. Most people make intuitive, psychic choices every day, though they may not realize they are doing so. I am more consciously aware of my psychic abilities than the average person. This was not always this way. As a child I read mystical fiction stories set in the past, but I did not consciously consider modern day use of psychic abilities until later.I am a work in progress. My psychic abilities includes::: *Love and Relationships *Career Questions *Soulmate Inquiries *Marriage and Divorce Questions *Spiritual Connection / Breakups *Removing Spell on You * Evil Eye Removal *Energy Healer *Meditation Guider *Past Life Connections *Energy Trainer *Clairvoyant *Energy Healer *Healing and Chakras Blockage removal THIS GUY IS ABSOLUTELY, AMAZING! He's great! No only did he clear my thoughts, he told me the TRUTH. And he was very accurate! He's patient, very nice and kind, and he gets right to the point. I ADVISE everyone to take a chance with him. He's very clear on everything. I am so thankful that I took the time out to give him a try. After visiting him in free chat, I knew right at that moment this was the right person for me to turn to for advice with my problems. He wants to help! He wants to see one happy. He helps in every way that he can. And he offers healing. :) I really enjoyed my private reading with him THANK YOU, LovePeaceCosmic! :) AmazinDude, USA ********************** He was very thorough with his healing energies. I was very blocked and drained. I felt very much at peace after he was done. I have not been crying and feel much better. I recommend anyone, get some healing and unblocking from him. I actually felt him working on me and felt the results long after. goodnight2345, USA =========================================================================================== Energy healing, talking with angels as well as your spirit which is known as telepathy, and of course intuition. Psychic abilities allow me to help myself and people like you, and as such are a very meaningful and even fun part of my life. I do not believe psychic abilities are about perfect accuracy. I believe all readers are human and fallible and that the more balanced and clear a reader is in their own personal life, the stronger their abilities can be. It is important for me to balance my life and nurture my own wellness for my own quality of life and also to strengthen my abilities as a psychic practitioner. specialty is to use my psychic abilities as a reader and healer to help people move forward with their personal growth and self-development issues. Examples of this include increasing one's emotional stability and wellness; clarity about a major relationship and growing within that relationship; fine tuning one's daily quality of life; greater self-knowledge; more certainty with one's own intuition; the ability to regulate one's own emotions, contentment, inspiration levels, etc. I help people with self-knowledge and also self-transformation over time. Not only can the readings themselves be transformational, =========================================================================================== YOUR INTENTIONS :::::::: Your intention, or your goal, is what you are saying you want, what you are working towards. I ask all reading clients to make a list on paper or in their head of all the goals, issues, questions, or topics they would like to work on in the reading. Just a few minutes into each reading I ask you the client to read their list aloud, and the rest of the reading is based on that list. If you have taken the time before the reading to think about your intentions, topics, goals, or issues consciously, it can make your energy more decisive, focused, and easier to read. This helps the session to get to the point faster with fewer detours. =========================================================================================== SOME TESTIMONIALS ::: Wonderful! At first, we spent a lot of time talking about the importance of healing. And it took few of my tries to explain that i wanted to hear more about healing in the next session. But once we got to the point of my interest, things went on smoooooth! There were no predictions, but very clear message about the other persons feelings. I have my own heart to guide me, and when my eyes read LPC's words, my heart was happy :) It was exactly what I expected and knew deep within. It was as if I recorded my feelings and knowings and let him play it loud for me. Although I didnt get a chance to ask more questions, due to the time spent talking about doing-not doing healing, I will come back to see, what it is LPC suggests to be the next step - the healing. Overall impression - wonderful :) Zuzana, Chicago ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This guy is very awesome.. he's nice, gentle, very sweet, very kind, like myself, he's very accurate, he knows everything and will tell you everything you need and want to know. I enjoyed my private reading with him he answered all of my questions, gave me some great advice, and show me how to handle the situations and problems in my relationship, he's the best psychic in my opinion on oranum. And very cute as well too. He also offers healing process to get rid of the negative energy that makes one feel down or sad or depressed, and i feel that everyone should come to him and take advantage of that healing it is a very great feeling. I highly recommend ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I would like to thank you for the reading you gave me months ago up until recently, not just because I enjoyed the readings with you, but because you helped give me a new perspective on things that I was struggling to understand in one of the most darkest, emotional periods of my life. LPC hit the nail on the head with many, many things. All he ever asked was my name-dob and he tuned right in. He told me many specific things that would occur and it was 99 % exactly as he predicted. , not only did I see that bird as he exactly described, the news I had been longing to hear happened the next day! He is impeccable and gives wonderful advice and is such a genuine, caring wonderful soul. Give him a chance; you will be amazed with the amount of information given and the accuracy , and his caring nature will touch you, He won't disappoint you! Thank you for everything LPC! ~Chris ‎***DISCLAIMER*** It is very possible that the contents therein wil

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